Arched windows are elegant home features that do far more for a home’s curb appeal than standard-shaped windows. However, the difficulty with windows that are anything besides squares and rectangles is the chore of covering them. Unfortunately, there aren’t many arc solutions for arched windows.

Window coverings that are produced by factories — in large quantities — are designed to be rectangular. But rectangular blinds, shades, and shutters, will not adequately cover your windows. You’re left deciding whether you will only partially cover it with standard blinds or awkwardly cover it with a curtain. Arched windows are also more common in modern homes. Windows like these are not only arched, but typically quite large. They’re so immense, in fact, it may be difficult to find window coverings that will fit them.

Arc Solutions

Arc Solutions Options

  • Contoured Arches
  • Solid Top Arches
  • Sunbursts
  • Octagons
  • Ovals

Because not all windows are perfect squares, BlueChip specializes in making custom treatments to fit exactly the dimensions of your arched windows. Further enhance the grand look of your rounded windows by calling BlueChip Shutters & Blinds for our Custom Arc Solutions.

Window Treatments

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